About Us

REV Motors Corporation is formed in Singapore for the multi-national and multi-cultural elements. Rev’s envisioned to bring the best of the east and the west combined. Rev is missioned to providing the best Japanese quality and Italian passion to our customers. Products are manufactured using latest Japanese Technology and designed by industrial leading Italian designer.

Our R&D Team

Rodolfo Frascoli

Rev Senior Designer​

Founder of FRASOCOLIDESIGN. Over 20 years of experience in motorcycle design. Has clients such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Polaris, Piaggio, Triumph, etc.

Nicola Poggio​

Rev Senior Strategist Consultant & Product Planning Manager

He has held senior positions in many internationally renowned motorcycle enterprises such as PIAGGIO, MOTO GUZZI, and YAMAHA.

Onodera Niroki​

Engine Technical Consultant of REV

Worked as an engine technical consultant for Yamaha for more than 20 years.

Sugano Tadashi​

Shock Absorber Specialist of REV

Worked with Honda, Zongshen, Loncin, and many other well-known motorcycle companies on damper design.


Youth is the basic positioning of REV, our original intention is to create a new brand full of vitality and vigor for the middle and high-end motorcycle market. We believe wonder happens among the young. We believe in the power embedded in young things, a momentum that never changes its cause, a commitment that never fades. Being young is not always about the actual age. It’s the instinct to see hope and energy in every being and the desire to see more, to learn more, and to create more.

Gathering talents from Italy and Japan, buttressed by engineering heritage while fostering innovation, we stand young, well, simultaneously, confident. That confidence derives from the very clear vision that the future belongs to the young. But we are not the protagonist of the story. You decide where you go, and how far you want it to be, or how crazy you finally think it is supposed to be. We take pride not only in our products but mostly in the possibilities of how it can shape your life, and give you a cause than can make you go further. We are REV Motors. We are not the one who write stories, it’s always you.